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cant install 2.5.2

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cant install 2.5.2

Hi I have been trying to install moodle 2.5.2 This is a first time download. I donwnloaded the XAMPP and followed the instructions but there was no folder called fix rights and couldnt open the ZAMPP control I then downloaded the MAMP and tried to open the Mamp icon but it wouldnt let me.

Help I cant get any further



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Re: cant install 2.5.2

Have you thought about just using IIS and installing the PHP and MySQL (or MariaDB) components?

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Re: cant install 2.5.2

Hi Jane!

Hope you’re doing well. Saw that you’re struggling with some issue in Moodle; we, the fellow Moodlers are always here to extend a helping hand.

Coming straight to your problem: May I please know the OS you’re using.? In case  you’re  using windows, I’d like to suggest you to use WAMP server since its easy and user friendly.

I should also mention :

MAMP is for MAC OS and XAMP is mainly for Linux

If you wish to go for XAMP server, please visit  the  links given below:

 Moodle Installation Using XAMP

For MAC OS, you have to download the MAC version of Moodle

I hope this’ll solve your issue. We’re happy to help you. Please get back to us for further query.

Warm Regards



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