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HELP!! I have downloaded Moodle. Not Working!!

Hello all,

I am one lost puppy!!  I downloaded Moodle, but have no idea how to make it work.  I have read forum after forum.

Ok, how do I connect to Moodle (ftp). I am using Microsoft  Expression Web 4 to create my pages.  I just don't know what to do next.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer.

Brenda (Sad and Frustrated)




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Re: HELP!! I have downloaded Moodle. Not Working!!
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Re: HELP!! I have downloaded Moodle. Not Working!!
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Hi Brenda

As Guillermo says, you need to know how to install Moodle and I'm guessing that perhaps you need to know a few basic concepts? (excuse me if not)

Your 'Microsoft Expressions' seems to be a web page authoring tool? I don't think that will help you, because Moodle is ALREADY a webpage (website actually). For that reason you need a webserver!

It is possible to run Moodle on a personal computer, but that is just an emulation of a real life webserver.

If you need some constructive help, it might be an idea to let us know why you want to use Moodle, what you hope to achieve and exactly in which situation you are imagining using it. I'm sure there will be lots of answers from people from similar backgrounds.

Hope that helps


PS Take a look at my 'open moodle' if you need ideas . To set something like that up on the world wide web, you need a hosting service (costs monthly money) and you then upload your Moodle data to the server. If you just want Moodle locally within a classroom or school, you'll need a 'server PC' to allow Moodle to be accesed by several computers in parallel.

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Re: HELP!! I have downloaded Moodle. Not Working!!


I tried to respond on Saturday, but there was a problem and was asked to go to twitter.  smile

I truly appreciate your responses to my question!!!  I am attempting to do what you have suggested. 

Have a wonderful week!!

Brenda smile


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