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Assigning Student Roles

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Re: Assigning Student Roles

Actually, I am the designer and the best we could do as admin., and yes the course is all but completed. We wanted to test admitting students. I know how to add students from within if the students are already in the system. What we need is admitting students from outside the system, which is why I thought self-enroll would be easiest. (We've got the webwright, me, and a huge committee waiting for this to be up and running.)

I finally figured out how to enroll a user manually, included an email message, and went and manually gave the person a student role. Several problems:

1) Person never got the email. So that didn't work.

2) If I'm going to have to have folks email me, then I copy their emails to manually invite them to the site, enrolling them, AND specify each one as a student....

Sheese, there has got to be a better way.  The Moodle version is 2.5, which is new to me.

Any help, or at this point prayers, would be appreciated.



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Re: Assigning Student Roles

Let's differentiate between authentication (user creation) and enrollment (assigned a role in a course).

When you mention students "outside the system" I assume you mean that they did not already have user accounts in Moodle.  Enabling the Email-base Self-registration authentication method will, as you might imagine, allow users to create their own accounts and receive an automated confirmation email.  They can now access Moodle but are not enrolled into any courses.

Enabling Self-enrollment (at the site level and for applicable courses) allows users to enroll themselves into courses with the click of a button.  As part of configuring the enrollment for each course you will designate what role the system will assign to users who self-enroll into it.  New enrollees will be sent a welcome email.

These email messages are only sent out if the user personally performs these actions.  So if you manually create a user account and manually enroll them into a course, no emails are sent.  So if you're trying to use self-registration and enrollment, you shouldn't be involved in either processes at all.  It all should be automated..

And just to encourage you, MANY Moodle admins are instructional entrepreneurs, teachers, or like you and I, designers masquerading as sys admins.  There's plenty of code heads and Linux junkies and server buffs on here, to be sure, and we less technical types lean on them for their strengths.  But in not too long a time you may surprise yourself by posting a sage answer to a mind-numbing question in this very forum.

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