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"Moodle for Mobile Learning" book is published!

Mark Aberdour
"Moodle for Mobile Learning" book is published!

Hi, just a quick share to say that after 10 months of late night effort and what seemed like endless revisions my book, "Moodle for Mobile Learning", has now been published!

It looks at the underlying theory of mobile learning and applies this to course design using Moodle. As well as helping you to develop your own mobile learning strategy, the book will help you decide whether to use a mobile friendly Moodle theme or a Moodle mobile app, and is organised into key functional areas including content, reflective logs and assessments, and takes you through a number of clear, practical recipes to build mobile learning interactions.

More details are available on my blog page as well as a post about how the book came about. And an official page over on the Packt site

Thanks to all the amazing people in the Moodle community who helped in some way (directly or indirectly) including the following. Apologies if I forgot anyone!

  • Bas Brands, Stuart Lamour and David Scotson the original Bootstrap dudes
  • Stuart Lamour, Carol Shergold and Paulo Oprandi from the University of Sussex elearning team
  • Gavin Henrick, Craig Taylor, Lesley Price, Nitin Parmar, Ross McKenzie, John Foord, Dan Jeffries, Lewis Carr and Rob Englebright for advice and assistance.
  • Anthony Borrow, Silvina Paola Hillar and Ben Reynolds who offered up lots of time as the book's reviewers
  • The team at Packt for their ever-growing Moodle bookshelf!

I hope you enjoy the book and of course I'd love to hear any feedback you may have smile



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