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2.5: limit dates of forum

Hallo everybody,

I wonder how I can program dates of a forum in Moodle 2.5 ? For it to open on a day x, and close on a day y ?

Thank you very much for your help !


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Svar: 2.5: limit dates of forum

Hi Ulrike - have a look in the documentation about forum/restrict access If setup is correct setting för access as shown in sreenshot


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Re: Svar: 2.5: limit dates of forum

Hallo, my answer seems to have disappeared. I just said thank you very much ! It was exactly what I was looking for, and I'm now able to program forums again.

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Re: Svar: 2.5: limit dates of forum

The problem with using 'Restrict access' instead of 'Availability' settings (as per assignments, quizzes, etc.) is that the dates do no show up in the calendar, upcoming events block, and so on.

For my institution, this is serious because we don't want the calendar to show due dates/deadlines/closing dates of some activities but not others, since students rely on it.

In addition to an opening date and a closing date for a forum, we would also like a date by which a student's first post must be made (thus allowing other students to discuss it before the forum closes).

Does anyone else have this problem? Can anyone help?

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