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Re: new wysiwyg editor for moodle

We aren't just making TinyMCE look the same as Atto. The path we followed when developing these themes etc was:

  1. Take the icons from TinyMCE 4 and back port them to TinyMCE 3
    1. This will make it less jarring when/if we do migrate to TinyMCE 4 in the future
  2. Take the icons developed for TinyMCE 3 and apply them to Atto
  3. Make similar icons for the PDF annotation plugin for Assignment module
  4. Add extra UI enhancements to the PDF annotation plugin for Assignment module
  5. Replicate those UI enhancements for Atto
  6. Decide that the UI enhancements should be used to unify the whole of Moodle's toolbars, TinyMCE and Filemanager/Filepicker included.
  7. Match TinyMCE to Atto

As you can see it's not just a case of make all the editors the same. It's about providing a standardised and familiar UI across Moodle, something we have lacked for a long time now.

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