new wysiwyg editor for moodle

Re: new wysiwyg editor for moodle
Some of the thinking behind the buttons in Atto - and why we want to style tinymce similarly:

A row of 16x16 buttons with no spacing is impossible to use on a touchscreen.
The background of the buttons was set to white so that the contrast would meet accessibility requirements.
Follow the guidelines at (consistency).

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Re: new wysiwyg editor for moodle
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Interesting Damyon - but..

First sentence on that Moodle icons link

Not only are the new icons a little bigger and more colourful

Really? colourful?

And forgive me for saying, but in those screenshots the background of the buttons is not white - they are grey on grey - so how does that help the contrast for accessibility? I'm not partially sighted, but the icon for highlighting/background colour and the little t and w in the paste icons - well, maybe its the sceenshot quality, but they really are not easy to see (for me).

Right now, for me, one of the first things I change in my theme is those grey icons - I guess I'll have to look into how to do that for TinyMCE as well from now on (edit: Just seen Jasons post above - thanks Jason!). I hope they can be changed directly in the theme, or are we going to have to create a separate TinyMCE theme and install it into the TinyMCE folder somewhere? Consistency doesn't have to mean monochrome! The guidelines you pointed to have a colour palette and style guide which can be used for consistency which would not mean turning everything grey-on-grey!

I do realise that is just my own opinion and maybe goes against what others think - I just hope we have the flexibility to restyle it easily for those like me who want a bit of colour in our lives smile


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Re: new wysiwyg editor for moodle

This is what the editor will look like (this is still a WiP, and has many rough edges) as you can see we have shifted from the grey on grey.


Also, the designer that created these buttons is the same one that wrote the moodle style guide.

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