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Slideshow Block
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I am happy to present to the community a new block which creates a slideshow in the header of a site or course page.  It uses jquery/cycle to handle the image transitions. Jquery is also used to manipulate the DOM to reposition the block's node into the heading div of the page. 

Since this is dependent on using moodle's built in jquery functions, it is not available for versions prior to 2.5.

It works with all core Moodle Themes except "Clean" due to an issue with the theme's ability to load Jquery correctly (MDL-41516), however, as of Moodle 2.5.2, this issue is fixed and will work with Clean theme.  If you are using 2.5 or 2.5.1, please apply the patch in MDL-41516 to have the slideshow work with Clean.

Tested with:

  • Afterburner
  • Anomaly
  • Arialist
  • Binarius
  • Boxxie
  • Brick
  • Clean (version 2.5.2 only)
  • Formal White
  • FormFactor
  • Fusion
  • Leatherbound
  • Magazine
  • Nimble
  • Nonzero
  • Overlay
  • Serenity
  • Sky High
  • Splash
  • Standard

(it may work with some third party themes, but most likely not with any bootstrap based theme due to MDL-41516.  If you have a third party theme and it doesn't work, post a link to your site and I will update the code.)

Download, extract, and upload the "Slideshow" folder into moodle/blocks

Global Configuration:

  • Set maximum number of slides in a slideshow
  • Set maximum file size of slides

Instance Configuration:

  • Title - Set title of slideshow  (leave blank to hide block's heading)
  • Height - Sets height of slideshow and images **NOTE** this block will not rescale image files, it will only change the display size
  • Transition - Choose from various slide transitions (some are a bit clunky, but most work well)
  • Delay - Sets the time for which a single slide is displayed
  • Background color - Clicking in this textbox triggers a colorpicker
  • Transparent - Clicking this overrides the background color setting and makes the background transparent
  • Image selector - Will only accept gif, jpg, or png files

Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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My Hero
Re: Slideshow Block - Update
Group Plugin developers

Version 0.4.0 is released and adds a setting to allow the block to work like a traditional block - i.e. in a side column (or where ever a theme can have a block).


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Picture of mo ollek
Re: Slideshow Block - Update

Great block. Is there any easy way to increase the maximum number of slides from 15 to 36?

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My Hero
Re: Slideshow Block - Update
Group Plugin developers


Yes, it's pretty easy.  Edit the file settings.php and change line 40 from




Just keep in mind that downloading 36 images in one shot may cause performance issues.

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Picture of Scot D
Re: Slideshow Block - Update


I really like the potential of this slideshow block.  I have downloaded the plugin and inserted it into my theme.  It does allow for images to be inserted however there is no functionality to the plugin.  In other words, even though I create different settings and then purge my cache, I just see the images.

I am assuming since I am not using a core moodle theme, there may be some additional testing required.  Theme: Archaius, version Dec 2013, using Moodle 2.6.  If you have some time in the near future, I would appreciate any advice.  Thanks. Scot

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Picture of Daniel Munera
Re: Slideshow Block - Update

Hi Scot,

Sorry for the [long]* delay to answer.

Do you still having problem with the block in Archaius after the last release?



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Picture of Gary Greer
Re: Slideshow Block - Update

Hi Paul,

is it possible to have the slide show appear as 'just on this page' so I can have multiple slide shows throughout the site - I'm using it as a straight block.

Thanks for some great work!

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Picture of jenna hannum
Re: Slideshow Block - Update

Hi Paul,

My company wants to implement this plugin and we're about to test it in our development environment. Can the images in the jquery slideshow be hyperlinked? We want each image to link to a specific page/area in our LMS.

Thanks for the plugin, btw. I look forward to tinkering with it.


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Picture of Federica Marra
Re: Slideshow Block

Hi Paul, 
I have the same issue than Jenna. Is it possible to have the images hyperlinked with this block?

Also I'd like to know if you're developing it for Moodle 2.8

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Frankie's the name, Moodle's my game!
Re: Slideshow Block
Group Particularly helpful MoodlersGroup Plugin developers

Yo Paul, I can't seem to add padding to the top of the slideshow. I always end up with the images flush against the top of the background's top edge. I want to have some space between the top of the slideshow and the top of the background's rectangle.

Here's my CSS custom code in an attempt to have some 'luft' (air) at the top of the slideshow. But it doesn't work.

.block.block_slideshow .content #page-slideshow  {
    padding:10px 5px 10px 5px;

padding: 10px 0px 10px 4px;
top padding is 10px
right padding is 5px
bottom padding is 10px
left padding is 5px

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Picture of Christian Flury
Re: Slideshow Block

Hi Paul,

I wonder if SlideShow is going to be supported on moodle 3. We managed to install it on 3.0 but I would like to be on the safe side before using it in production.



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Picture of Mary Nemati
Re: Slideshow Block


I just installed the plugin in our test environment and cannot figure out how to add styling to my images! is there any way that I can add css to manage my image size and styles?



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Picture of DeLoy Wilkins
Re: Slideshow Block

Great Plugin ! , is there any way to restrict view of it to a group ?

DeLoy Wilkins

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Just wondering . . .
Re: Slideshow Block
Group Particularly helpful Moodlers

Does anyone know if this will work in Moodle 3.2?


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