Entering grades as a non-editing teacher

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Entering grades as a non-editing teacher

Forgive me if I'm being dense, but how does a non-editing teacher (teachingassistant role, sometimes called Grader) enter grades into the gradebook for items which do not have a corresponding activity?  I know how they can enter grades in an assignment or forum, etc.  But without the editing capabilities of a full instructor, how can they turn on editing of grades in the gradebook? This is in 2.5.1.

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Re: Entering grades as a non-editing teacher

I have the same issue in 2.9.  The default Teaching Assistant role cannot enter grades for "unattached" grade items in the grade book without an error.  The only way to allow TA's to enter grades seems to be to change the "edit grade" permission, but that results in the grade being displayed in the grade book as "edited" (i.e., "changed").  

Is this limitation intended?