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Multiple Moodles vs. One

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Multiple Moodles vs. One

I have a small-business client that wants me to create eLearning modules (using Captivate) then house them in an LMS for other companies.  His hope is to to download a "program" on a company's system, that they have full control over then allow their employees to complete the training modules.

I've never worked with LMS's in this capacity before and I'm a little stumped.  Would Moodle be the applicable tool to use for this effort?  My original thought was to create one Moodle and have each "client" have one generic sign-in, however, that wouldn't allow grading of quizzes and completion certificates, since it's only technially one user.  Now I think we would need to create a separate Moodle for each client then allow for self-registry of each employee.  Is this correct?  Or might there be a simpler way of completing this task?

As you can see, I'm slightly out of my depth so any help would be greatly appreciated : )


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Re: Multiple Moodles vs. One

Hi Kristen,

Having many clients or companies on one instance of Moodle (multitenant support) is not a fully supported feature ( You might want to take a look at the following threads:

The best solution, as you already mentioned, would be to have a Moode installation for each customer.

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