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linking problem
OK - here goes: I am a newbie - using moodle now for a few months; also new to linux. I want to make course resources easily accessible to my students - so what I have done is on the front page I have a "Page" resource that opens up a page on which I have listed resource files hyperlinked to the resources. Using Google Chrome browser this works fine - the pdf file opens in a new window. However using Chrome browser, a download window opens. For a workaround, I have a similar page on a "sister" site in Joomdle that reliably opens the pdf file to view. Is there a setting to get the popup to display a pdf file instead of a download window (without going to joomdle)?
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Re: linking problem
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Check your display options - you can set it to open in popup.  That should fix it.  I am presuming that you used the same browser on the Joomdle site and that it isn't a browser setting?

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