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GSM Mobile Integration (SMS Feature)

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GSM Mobile Integration (SMS Feature)

Hi, I am new here to work on moodle. Actually I've to integrate my LMS (moodle) with GSM Mobile. Below are the requirements regarding mobile (SMS) which I've to work on:

  • Student can login using its mobile or online interface.
  • Student can send request to start paper using SMS. (GSM mobile will be used for this feature.)
  • Students can answer MCQs using SMS.  (GSM mobile will be used for this feature.)
  • Publish result to the students. Result will be published in student’s account and SMS will also be sent to the students.
  • System will use Student’s mobile number and password (which will be provided in SMS) to validate and to open the session with the user.

Kindly suggest me any helpful & relevant API (if any) or techniques etc in this regard please. 

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