Integration, exposed

Integration round 2013-08-30 - One week before minors

Integration round 2013-08-30 - One week before minors

Cold numbers:

40 issues have been successfully integrated with 15 rejected. That is 73% success - up from last week.


1 week remaining until the next point releases.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-36803 - TinyMCE editor doesn't accept keyboard input on iOS6 after touch event - Note that not all iOS issues with TinyMCE are resolved yet - there is more to do.
  • MDL-41098 - Add Atto HTML editor to core (the editor formally known as contenteditable)
  • MDL-29004 - Wiki: printerfriendly view don't show / print images uploaded via html-editor.
  • MDL-41245 - Multiple issues with plugin installing, upgrading, uninstalling and reinstalling
  • MDL-41364 - Appalling apostrophe crime in moodle-core-notification

Warm thanks:

Cheers, Damyon

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