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Calculations in Rubrics

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Technically what i provided was a diff file. I couldn't get the patch export for git working on Moodlerooms private repo the way i wanted.

The diff is of 2 files. 

  1. grade/grading/form/rubric/lang/en/gradingform_rubric.php
  2. grade/grading/form/rubric/lib.php

The simplest process would be to edit each of those files and read through the diff file and add the lines of code that say add. I didn't actually remove anything from the code (even if the diff says I did).

My concern with this is that it would be a direct hack of core. I would instead recommend copying the grade/gaming/form/rubric directory and renaming rubric to something else. Then apply the changes to that. This way you could upgrade the Moodle rubric without fear of these changes impacting you. I think the posts above give a clear indication that were Moodle HQ to consider this feature they would probably do it in a more involved way to provide more flexibility to the rubric than just this simple request. This to me means that what I did would most likely not get in to Moodle HQ directly, it would be modified.


Attached is a copy of my rubric directory redone on stock Moodle 2.5.1


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Re: Calculations in Rubrics

Thanks very much Jason,

It an extent. Like you said though, it's proof of concept.

Your contribution works perfectly but moodle still wants to divide all of the available grades between the number of grid squares with a value of 1 or above. This means that if there are two rows of criteria, each with a possible score of 1, 2 or 3 and the maximum grade for the assignment is 3, each square would actually be worth 0.5 points (the zero points squares are not counted but are required by the rubric)

That aside..... the lowest aggregation works brilliantly, thanks for your help.

If you have any ideas on the above problem your input would be appreciated.

I will be raising a ticket to see if the rubric method can be made more flexible. If I can get it working just a little bit more smoothly I'd like to create a video walkthrough to demonstrate how this mod would work with the gradebook for simple BTEC grading.

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