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Can Moodle do this?

moi!!! it is what is is...
Re: Can Moodle do this?
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Sorry Ronald, been really busy this month.... duh..

One of my Moodles is a small semi-publicly funded charity providing a range of supports for long-term unemployed and their families, the other is a similar faith-based organization offering retraining for the same audience. The Moodle I currently use most is a high school Moodle that is being continually developed as a one-stop shop for everything from school news to staff training to student lessons to community liason to maintenance planning and recording, (that one threw me a bit). It seems that every now and again, someone comes to me and asks if something new can be done with the Moodle. So far so 


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Re: Can Moodle do this?

Thx Colin, I think I've made my mind up and decided to become a Moodler...

It will be a challenge to find something Moodle can't do, a nice prospective!

Thx again for the kind words here and we'll meet again in the forums!

Have a nice weekend and cheers,

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