What triggers the "overridden" flag?

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Re: What triggers the "overridden" flag?

Bob (or anyone else using the LAE Grader)...

If you use the LAE Grader and do the following steps (as mentioned by Sam Anderson in, does it cause the course total cells to be overridden for that student?  If not, I will switch to the LAE grader!!!  I have had SO many problems with the course totals being overridden, and I have a very small number of faculty using the grader!  Thanks.


1. Logging in to a course gradebook as a TA in one browser, and as teacher in another browser.
2. As the TA, we edited a grade in one gradebook and updated it while the instructor's window was still open and had editing turned on.
3. Then clicked "update" on the instructor's gradebook without changing anything.

This resulted in the cell that the TA had changed being empty (meaning that the TA's grade did not stick) and overridden, the category total column being overridden for that student, as well as the Course Total grade being overridden for that student.