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Perhaps that might be possible David, but for the moment, I am not sure the other tools I am using are not all available outside Australia. Most are, but some are local products - you may have equivalents though. One of the tools is called DayMap, from a Melbourne company. Essentialy an SMS, it also has a small LMS module that is more or less a credible wiki and not a lot else. I am not sure that they will be selling internationally yet but I imagine it won't be long. I am developing a solution that meets our local laws regarding storage of data, as well as promoting positive learning outcomes. It also uses MS-Sharepoint which we are turning into a local repository - so not a lot is going to be stored externally. Moodle is, hopefully, going to be used for resources and online testing, If they can get Mahara up in that environment, then that will be for eportfolio and social networking with other common open source tools for more specific purposes - Wordpress for one. All locally stored and we can develop them to suit our need. One snag, Sharepoint 2013 is not being co-operative right now so the whole strategy could be brought undone by it. As I said, we shall see. 

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