Enrollment problem after upgrading to 2.5.1

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Enrollment problem after upgrading to 2.5.1

We recently upgraded our Moodle from 2.4 to 2.5.1 and now teachers cannot access their courses. They have the teacher role in the courses and they can see the links to their courses in "My Courses" once they log in; but when they click on the links an error message appears:


         You are not enrolled in this course


I checked the enrollment plugins, both self enrollment and manual enrollment are active. Their accounts were created manually in the previous server and the enrollment had been set to never expire. In the current version of Moodle those settings are the same. The expiration date is disabled.... I also changed it to several days.. and even years... to no bail.  I un - enrolled one of the teachers and enrolled him back with both the editing_teacher role and student role usinf the manual enrollment ... but it did not work. Then I enabled the self enrollment plugin and logged in using his credentials, then clicked on the course link, it showed "you can enroll" so I clicked on the enroll me button, and the next screen showed again the same message... you are not enrolled in this course.

I even deleted completely the Moodle database and restored the one from the old server back to observe if there any errors happened in the process, but nothing, everything went fine, no errors, the upgrading of the database was done smoothly.

We are running Moodle in a dedicated CentOS 6.4 Final 64bits. Apache 2.2.15 PHP 5.5.1 MySQL Server version: 5.6.12...

The only part I am finding a bit intriguing is that when I checked the PHP info from site administration/ server/PHP info, I found this under mysql:

Client API version mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 40933630edef551dfaca71298a83fad8d03d62d4 $

Would this be causing the problem?

Is there something else I can check in order to get our Moodle to work? I will greatly appreciate your help.




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Re: Enrollment problem after upgrading to 2.5.1

We have a teacher experiencing the same thing, just with one course. Something is corrupt on the course but I haven't found it yet. Even if I assign myself as a teacher, it doesn't show up on my list of courses on My Home. Did you get anywhere with this? We have a different environment but I'm guessing it's a Moodle bug somewhere.

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