Customisable watermark image as a kinda desktop image for your theme

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Customisable watermark image as a kinda desktop image for your theme
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Here's the thing. We (almost) all like to customise our Windows XP/Vista/7/8 desktop with colourful and interesting images. Sort like an extension of our personality. So why not be able to personalise, from the front end of a Moodle coursepage, the watermark image of a coursepage?

I used the Mary Evans' watermark code to make a sort of desktop image for my theme. So the activities, blocks and content kinda 'float' on top of the background image. Something like a Blogspot blog. Some folk may not find it to their taste, but I think, for now, it's kinda cool. 

Username: ergo
Password: ergo

Give it a try, then scroll up and down the coursepage with your mouse (vertical scrollbar). Tell me if you like what you see..or loathe. smile

I'm using a theme named Ergo. Here's my take on this. I was wondering if there was a way for the user to use a frontend interface (mini form or an extra field) to upload his or her own image watermark (which is the background image). In this way, the theme remains the same for all users, but each user can customise their own 'theme desktop' which is essentially just a very large watermark image that gives the effect of a background image. The end I am trying to achieve is this. If a course theme overrode all user themes, then all users would use the same theme when accessing a coursepage. To spice it up more, each user is allowed to upload their own watermarl image file.  That would achieve the goal of each user personalising the same standard coursepage theme with a background image of their own. So for that coursepage that has a course theme set, all menus, blocks and buttons would look the same since use the same course theme (if the course theme is set) is being used, but each user can stamp their own individuality by using a separate watermark file. So the background image for Andy would be different from say, the background image of Belinda. But both would be using the same course theme! Hehehe. Whadya think? Any comments anyone?

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