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TinyMCE not loading and no uploads

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TinyMCE not loading and no uploads

We have just upgraded to Moodle 2.5.1 on Win 2008 using IIS7. Moodle seems to work fine in all respects except that when we update a label the HTML is displayed and the editor does not appear.

The other problem is that if we add a file, the content box stays empty with a timer whizzing round. On the console all appears to work ok so there isn't much wrong with the installation, but all the machines on the net can't access uploading. So we know this must be a firewall or similar issue but everything worked fine with previous versions of Moodle (2.4.3) and we are sure we haven't made any other changes. We run several different Moodles and only the 2.5.1 versions have this problem. Did we miss something in the upgrade?

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