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Restore a 1.4GB course in Moodle

Restore a 1.4GB course in Moodle

I have a course backup of 1.4GB from my school Moodle and I will like to restore it in a Moodle 1.5+

I have increased PHP setting to allow 1.5G files but I am not able to upload it. IS there other way (scp, ftp, etc.) way I can do this?


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Re: Restore a 1.4GB course in Moodle
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Backup the front page.  That should give you an ID #1 folder in moodledata.  Upload the 1.4G backup zip into the #1 folder by some other means: ftp, scp, etc..

Check ownership/permissions on the uploaded 1.4G backup zip to make sure web server user can see it.

Should be able to at least start the restore process ... although some further tweaking might be needed to restore such a large course ... php timeouts/limits, etc..

Good luck!

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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