Editing the login page

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Editing the login page

So I'm trying to add Facebook authentication to a moodle 2.5 installation, and adding the button requires changing the login page. The standard theme however doesn't seem to have a dedicated file for the login page. How would I go about in order to add the code?

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Re: Editing the login page
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The login page using layout/general.php in most theme. But if you are wanting to change Standard theme then you can make a copy of base/layout/general.php and add it to standard theme by first creating a layout directory and add the general.php file there, and rename it to login.php

So you should end up with...


The next step is to ADD the following to theme/standard/config.php

$THEME->layouts = array(
    'login' => array(
        'file' => 'login.php',
        'regions' => array(),
        'options' => array('langmenu'=>true),


Next step is ADD the authentication code to your new login.php

Hope this helps?


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Re: Editing the login page
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I put in a bug about giving themes more control over the login page, here:

In the process of looking at this issue, it seems there's a feature in Moodle that will let you redirect people to any URL for login. I don't know anything about it, and documentation seems to be lacking but it seems like it might be relevant to your needs.

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