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Call for MRC2013 Workshop proposals

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Call for MRC2013 Workshop proposals

Workshops at this year's MRC will bring together groups of researchers interested in initiating collaborative research projects.

What is a research workshop?

A research workshop is an opportunity to begin or continue a collaborative project that actively involves researchers. The goal of such a workshop is usually publication of papers, although it may lead to other things, such as improvements in Moodle or new add-ons. See the Call for Workshop proposals page for a more complete description of research workshops.

Proposing a workshop

It is hoped that there will be at least one, but possibly more, workshops on the day after this year's MRC (Sunday 6th October).

Potential leaders are invited to propose a workshop using the Workshop Proposals database activity.

If you have any questions about workshops, such as the suitability of a proposed workshop, please contact the chairs using the email address.

Proposal Deadline

Workshop proposals should be submitted before Monday August 12.

See the Call for Workshop proposals page for more details.