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Like a lot of heavily theme-able software, I believe that how an organisations Moodle looks should be down to the brand and marketing department working with the learning technologists etc. Some changes to core themes can help, however those who are willing to spend enough to make it look and function how they want get something excellent.

I have worked with some clients who wanted nice front pages, and some nice extra features and so forth and spend significant effort and budget to achieve the "look" they want - up to 2 weeks + effort in some cases on their theme.

I have also had some clients who wont spend more than 1 days development budget as they are happy with that.

However pretty much all clients I work with want something different, mostly "it must look a lot like our website".

If an organisation is willing to spend 5000 on the design of their web portal, and only 500 on the LMS, marketing need to be brought into the equation imo.

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