Captivate 7 to Moodle 2.4 - LMS API issue

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Captivate 7 to Moodle 2.4 - LMS API issue

We recently upgraded to Captivate 7 and have started publishing units. In Captivate, the publishing preference are used to specify Scorm 1.2 and then Moodle as the LMS. 

HOWEVER, when I then try to launch the unit (either launching it from a folder or after loading into Moodle), it comes up with this error message.

You can close the error message and then the unit will continue to play, but I don't want our users having to see this box pop up every time they load a unit.

By the way, if I UNCHECK the box, 'Enable reporting for this project' and publish, everything runs fine--but I also lose the SCORM benefits (i.e., tracking quiz responses, etc.).

Any ideas on why this is not working?



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Re: Captivate 7 to Moodle 2.4 - LMS API issue

Hi Jean, I am using OLM but noticed the same thing today with Captivate 7. I tested other courses where I only have the "quiz is passed" box checked and that works just fine!

I just tried to load a class today where only the "slide views is 100%" box is checked and now I'm getting that LMS API error.  I think there may be some bug with the slide views option? 

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Re: Captivate 7 to Moodle 2.4 - LMS API issue
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this usually suggests a JavaScript error on your site is causing the SCORM JavaScript to fail - are you using a custom theme that implements JavaScript? - try switching to a core theme to see if that fixes it?

Are you able to share a SCORM package with the community that causes this to occur so we can try to reproduce it?

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Re: Captivate 7 to Moodle 2.4 - LMS API issue


I've recently come across this error in our site. It turns out that it was with one specific user who started a course and got half way. We then uploaded an updated version of the Scorm course - same number of slides, but a new version none the less - and that user got the error, repeatable by logging in as her. 

The fix was to delete her attempt - it meant she had to start again, but it cleared the error. In our case it was nothing to do with new versions of flash or java

I hope that helps! 


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Re: Captivate 7 to Moodle 2.4 - LMS API issue
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Hi Hugh,
that makes sense. Did you have the chance to register the API debugging log when investigating if the issue was strictly on the content side?
Sharing that log could be useful for other people, Captivate Devs too, to better understand the root reason for this JavaScript issue and maybe to selectively drop some of the tracking data - e.g. the bookmark or the suspend data - instead of resetting the whole attempt.


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