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Proposed New Functionality

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Re: Proposed New Functionality
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This looks thorough - it took a couple of reads to get some of it. The questions I have at this point are:

  • would this need a Totara plugin to be installed on the moodle site, to provide some of the extra functions?
  • which of the functions (if any) will not be available when moodle is the host LMS?
  • will it be updated to reflect the abolishing of MNet as moodle replaces it with OAuth2 / more web services (which I believe is a change for m2.6)?
  • what will the minimum moodle version be?
  • will it address the concern that a lot of devices can't open up word files just within any old app (yet apps like Mail on the iPad) can? Or would it be the case that a free Office viewer app could be recommended and integrated, or offer a 'open in another app on this device' button? I've put this request in for the current official app
  • I was told yesterday by a well-informed source that moodle is moving away the mobile app to more responsive/html5 themes - is this app going to be fully supported by moodle HQ (even if they just back it saying 'yes talk to these guys, their app is the one we recommend') in the long run?
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Re: Proposed New Functionality
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Hi David,

Totara LMS is a custom distribution of Moodle, not a plugin. They are developing a mobile app based on MoodleMobile.

The idea is join efforts so MoodleMobile can benefit from new features added in the Totara app that are not specific for Totara LMS

Regarding the future of Moodle Mobile, I can assure you that we have a long roadmap for MoodleMobile app, I was talking in person with Martin Dougiamas last week, also here is the presentation I did with Martin Dougiamas a few days ago in the MoodleMoot Spain. Things like responsive themes are described:


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Re: Proposed New Functionality

Hi David,

To add to Juan's reply:

  • No you don't need Totara to make use of most of these.  As mentioned Totara is a distribution of Moodle, but all the work we are doing that can be used directly with Moodle i.e. the non Totara specific functionality, is being incorporated into the Moodle Mobile code for use by the Moodle community.  The additional Totara specific functionality will be part of the Totara distribution code base.
  • Everything in section 4.2 is Moodle specific and should be included in future Moodle Mobile releases.  Section 4.3 is the work that ties into Totara functionality.
  • This work should not be impacted by MNet changes as we are linking into Moodle webservices for all functionality.
  • The minimum version of Moodle will probably be 2.6 but it may be that it will work on 2.5.  We need to get it working on 2.5 for Totara as the Totara code base is one version behind the current Moodle release and hopefully the work we will do will be easily backportable/compatible with 2.5.
  • re opening word files, we are saying that we are not going to handle file formats within the Moodle app, we are going to rely on third party readers installed on the phone to handle opening these



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