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How to Use an Image Map in Moodle

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How to Use an Image Map in Moodle

Moodle 2.3 Id be very grateful if someone could explain how to insert an image map in a course

(the course is on map reading>how to do a four figure grid reference)

1. I want to have an image (see below) where people click on a square and are taken to other pages (posted as a file resource) which has the same image map, but a different message depending on their choice, with the same links so they can have several goes.

2. While the map works in the first  (file resource) it doesnt work in the file (file resource) the user goes to when clicking in a square ie. in the target files the cursor does not change to a finger as it should do when it hovers over the part of the image with the link.

3. I have looked at the forum post with the document 'Single handed sailing with a dog' but it seems to use terminology relating to older versions of Moodle

4.I have tried several ways of using an image map (pages in lesson, urls etc) but it doesnt work which is a great weakness of Moodle as image-maps are a widely used and attractive way of presenting access to web based resources. Its really a make or break issue as I cannot envisage continueing with a software that doesnt support image maps. (sorry a bit frustrated).

How I have made the image maps

a) Created the image-map in Corel Paint Shop Pro.  which produces an image and a htm file

b) Uploaded both files (.gif & htm & uploaded below) in a file resources within a section within a course. so there are several file/resources with both the image and the htm file in each (the difference being in the title and the Description fields

Thanks for any help!



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Re: How to Use an Image Map in Moodle

Kind of a wonky way to navigate, IMO.

In each resource, is the html file set as the main file?  If it's pointing to the gif without engaging the html, there's your problem.

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Re: How to Use an Image Map in Moodle

Whether it's wonky is really a matter of the application imo.   For instance,  they can be used effectively drilling down on a map to reveal information specific to the geography.   Here's an interesting example of using an image of a painting here:

But, using image maps for general navigation raises significant accessibility concerns, so keep an eye out for that.

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