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How to show fractions as answer in calculated MCs?


I want to display fractions as answers in calculated multiple choice questions. I use mathjax to show Tex formulas and it worke fine, but the problem is that some Tex syntax uses the same {} as moodle for the wildcards.

So for example I have an answer which should be calculated by moodle (which it does correctly) 

{=({V}*1000+({p_Ü})} \frac{m}/{s^s} 

but the entity should be "m/s^2" so the Tex command would be: \frac{m}/{s^s} .

Now the problem is, that moodle thinks that {m} and {s^s} are variables and wants to replace them with numbers.

Is there a possibility to use both the moodle widecards {} and the Tex syntax {} , without that they interfere with each other?



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