add question with dependency

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add question with dependency

hi i'm still new in moodle. Now i'm making a feedback in my moodle. But my boss really need to make it dependent each other, for example:

Q1. Do you smoke ? Yes -> go to Q2

                                 No -> go to Q3

i've tried to make it but it's not work. Is there anybody could show me how to do that. Thank you very much....

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Re: add question with dependency
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here the text from the help button:

It is possible to show an item depending on the value of another item.
Here is an example.

  • First, create an item on which another item will depend on.
  • Next, add a pagebreak.
  • Then add the items dependant on the value of the item created before. Choose the item from the list labelled "Dependence item" and write the required value in the textbox labelled "Dependence value".

The item structure should look like this.

  1. Item Q: Do you have a car? A: yes/no
  2. Pagebreak
  3. Item Q: What colour is your car?
    (this item depends on item 1 with value = yes)
  4. Item Q: Why don't you have a car?
    (this item depends on item 1 with value = no)
  5. ... other items

I hope it helps.

Best regards

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Re: add question with dependency

Thank you Andreas, it's really help..

Best Regards,


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Chat Noir
Re: add question with dependency

I know this is old, but I have encountered this problem - despite very careful attention to the instructions, and to spelling, I cannot get the 'No' choice to jump to a different question. The client must click through all the intermediate questions.

If they select the 'Yes' choice, they are presented with the proper question. It would really be useful to have the user able to skip ahead about 30 questions, when the answer is 'No' - but really it is no different than just selecting N/A to the dependant question, and ignoring the dependance feature altogether....

FWIW, none of the intermediate questions are marked "required"



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Re: add question with dependency
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Do you have a page break before the question that you want No to jump to?  Can you post screenshots of that question?

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Mary Cooch
Re: add question with dependency
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Yes; what Emma says and also take a look at the section Dependence item and dependence value in Building Feedback

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