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save not working

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save not working
Hello all I hope you can help me, I've got a fresh install of Moodle 2.4.4 (Build: 20130513) on Linux. I've just migrated courses from a 1.9 site and restored them successfully - or so it appeared. Some of the images etc haven't come across, probably due to changes in the domain name. Which in itself isn't an issue, as it won't take a moment to change the link URL etc. However, when I try to do this with resources such as page or label, the save and return to course and save and display buttons don't work! I can cancel successfully, but of course, my changes haven't saved. I can change other things like course settings or anything I've created new, but any resources that have migrated over, I can't seem to change. Any help would be greatly appreciated smile Many thanks Karen
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Re: save not working

Hi all

I'm having the exact same problem. New install to Moodle 2 and the save and display and save and return to course buttons are not working.

How can I resolve this?  My techies at the hosting/server end tell me to delete the page and add another, but that too doesn't work - the buttons still don't work.

Thanks, Jo

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