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Moodle Log Report Needed

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Moodle Log Report Needed


We are using Moodle 2.3.x

I am looking for a customized report that would be similar to the log report you can pull as an administrator.    The report that shows all the activity that a student has for the years (i.e. views, uploads etc)

The report I am looking for would allow me to do the following

Report purpose:

Count the number of unique days a student has logged into a course and actually viewed a course over a specified period of time.   This report could be run against all students or just a particular student.

Conditions that can be specified.

  1. Specify if the report will be on all students or a particular student
  2. Specify a date range of between a beginning log date and an ending log date.
  3. Specify a condition to look for just "Views" or "Uploads"
  4. Specify a condition to look at the course name in the log and match just the first 5 letters.    We use the first five letters to specify the general subject area of a course  (i.e "Math_" = Math, "SS_" = Social Studies, "ELA_" = English language arts, etc.  We have about 7 categories like this)
  5. Count the the number of days a student has matched Condition 4 at least 1 time for that day.  


Group the report by student, then date of successful meeting of condition 4

The report output would look something like this.

Joe Jones    5    Successful Views
     ELA_Writing         09/12/13    View
     ELA_Writing         09/13/13    View
     SCI_Biology          09/15/13    View
     SS_WorldHistory  09/17/13   View
     SCI_Biology          09/22/13   View

Steven Tyler    3    Successful Views
     ELA_Writing         09/12/13    View
      SS_WorldHistory  09/17/13   View
     SCI_Biology          09/22/13   View

Does anyone know of a plugin or feature that can do this in Moodle?

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