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Images missing and won't do backup after server transferred

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Images missing and won't do backup after server transferred

Version 2.2.2

We transferred hosting of our site from one GoDaddy account to another. They transferred the Moodle site as well. They helped me go into the config.php file and make a few changes there. We could access and use the Moodle site BUT... ever since then many of the images (like photos for each user profile) would not show. Instead only the text (like "Photo of John") shows instead. We had put up with this up until now but then today tried to do a backup of the course. When I clicked the final Continue it stopped and received the following error message: Can not read file, either file does not exist or there are permission problems.

My guess is something isn't pointing to where those images are kept?? I am not a php person but could get by at editing if given where to look .


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Re: Images missing and won't do backup after server transferred
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Did the move involve a domain change or directory change to the location of Moodle?  Moodle takes the $CFG->wwwroot URL in the config.php file to build links to images, etc. and those are stored in the DB for the site.

Before you do the following, make a complete site backup ... code directory, the data directory, and an SQL dump of the DB.

There is a utility to make such corrections in the DB


Form is simple enough (but dangereous IF you do NOT do this correctly):

Search for old URL: http://oldsite/[moodle?]/

note the ending slash and the FULL URL [moodle?] IF the site was run from a moodle directory.

Replace with new URL: http://newsite/[moodle?]/

The replace should be what's in the config.php file.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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