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Educator Banner being cut off, Moodle 2.5

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Educator Banner being cut off, Moodle 2.5

Trying to figure out how to stop our banner from being cut off. Occurs on the front page and throughout the site, although the front page is less. Using the Educator Theme and using a 700x200 banner. is our site if you want to check out what I mean.

Looked at the css but didn't find what I was expecting with regard to modifying a div.


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Re: Educator Banner being cut off, Moodle 2.5

The div containing your banner uses inline styling "margin-top: -78px;".  That's your problem.  The same div on the frontpage has "margin-top: -58px;".  Pretty confusing since this is the first time I've seen inline styling in Moodle (granted, I've only a few months experience with it).

I don't have the Educator theme so I can't help you more than to say no matter what height your banner is, it will get cut off.  As I see it, you have two options: 1) Correct the PHP that generates the inline styling on course pages, or 2) Try to target the div on a stylesheet and use !important to override the inline style.  Targetting the div will be tricky because there are no classes or ids on it.  Try something like (won't work in <IE9):

#page-header .header_inner div:nth-child(2) { margin-top: -58px !important; }

Other recommendation:  The very first thing I noticed on your site is the username & password fields extend waaaaaay beyond the block.  They are set in the CSS to "width: 95% !important;".  You'll have to go through the theme's style sheets and locate the selectors ".username input" and ".password input" and delete the !important declaration.

Looks like the Educator theme may be a bit sloppy...Good luck.

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