Change to Site News Format

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Change to Site News Format


 We are running Moodle 2.5.

 I would like to change the format of the "site news"

 So that the usename in the “By” column is non clickable. (e.g not a hyperlink)

 I have found that the “username”  is set as a hyperlink in mod/forum/lib.php

 Line 3620

function forum_print_discussion_header(&$post, $forum, $group=-1, $datestring="",

                                        $cantrack=true, $forumtracked=true, $canviewparticipants=true, $modcontext=NULL)


Line 3665

    // User name

    $fullname = fullname($post, has_capability('moodle/site:viewfullnames', $modcontext));

    echo '<td class="author">';

//    echo '<a href="'.$CFG->wwwroot.'/user/view.php?id='.$post->userid.'&amp;course='.$forum->course.'">'.$fullname.'</a>';

    echo '<p>'.$fullname.'</p>';

    echo "</td>\n";


I can easily hack the code as I have done above to change the hyperlink to a paragraph, but would like a solution that will not be overwritten in future releases.

I have looked at setting up a theme “renderers.php” but could not work our which render to extend as the formatting in this case is not done via a renderer.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


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Re: Change to Site News Format

I guess you figured this out because this is the message I get: "The details of this user are not available to you"

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