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Mass Delete activities for Dummies

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Mass Delete activities for Dummies

I'm using Moodle2 and I have imported 2 different courses into one that I'm currently teching. I also have a support package for Moodle from the publisher of the textbook imported into the course as well. The problem I have now is that there is so many activities listed in my current schedule that I do not want. Is there an easy explanation out there on how to delete these en mass? I've read on other posts how to download something and well, install/change the way moodle handles these things. I'm not a developer and my forte is teaching not the workings of Moodle. Can someone tell me how delete these activities without clicking on each individual activities and hitting return. I'd love to mass delete.


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Re: Mass Delete activities for Dummies

Quick answer - which I have not tried - would be to back up the course and, when going through the series of dialogs, in the Schema settings stage, select only the activities which you really wish to use. Once you restore the course from this backup, these will be the activities which are restored.

Of course, it would be advisable to make a full backup first in case of mishaps. I guess it may be possible to similarly select activities at the restore stage from a full backup.


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