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CentOS Moodle installation problem.

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CentOS Moodle installation problem.


I'm new to Moodle and I decided to install it on Centos 6.4 on X86_64 (version 2.2.10).

After several hours, I'm coming to this forum to ask some help because I didn't succeed.

This is the list of installed packages (in this order):

- h t t p d-2.2.15-26,

- mysql-server-5.1.69-1,

- mysql-5.1.69-1,

- moodle-2.2.10-1 from epel repo.

This last package does a lot of things automatically (set cron job, configure h t t p d, etc).

This is at the same time good (less work) and bad (a newby can't follow the standard procedure).

As there is absolutely no dedicated documentation coming with it, I don't even know if there are other specific tricks with this package !

Then, I set up a MySQL database called moodle like the procedure says:

- create database moodle charset 'utf8';

- grant select,insert,delete,update,drop,create,index,alter,drop on moodle.* to moodleuser@localhost identified by 'moodlepass';

- flush privileges;

- quit

I set a password for the database (mysqladmin -u root password 'moodlepass') and edited the /var/www/moodle/web/config.php file like this:

- $CFG->dbtype = 'mysql';

- $CFG->dbhost = 'localhost';

- $CFG->dbname = 'moodle';

- $CFG->dbuser = 'moodleuser';

- $CFG->dbpass = 'moodlepass';

I didn't change permissions on Moodle directories nor set h t t p d configuration nor set cron job, the moodle package seeming to do it already.

Finally, after all these steps, when running a browser like Firefox, I get the following error messages (after the license agreement and the server checks):

Warning: require_once(HTML/QuickForm/DHTMLRulesTableless.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/moodle/web/lib/formslib.php on line 44.

If somebody got better chance than me to install Moodle in similar conditions, I would be happy to hear from him.


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Re: CentOS Moodle installation problem.
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It's difficult to help with "non standard" versions of Moodle. I strongly encourage you to always download Moodle from If it still has problems then, at least, we know what code you are running. 

2.2 is getting a bit old now. Use the latest - 2.5.

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Re: CentOS Moodle installation problem.
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+1 to what Howard said.

And some additional thoughts ... ok, the epel repo did things for ya ... one thing it did do was install a version that is soon to slide into 'not support for fixes or security fixes'.  Easy install is always the tip of the iceburg ... from the point of installation onwards, it's one of maintenance and upgrades.  How will one upgrade?  The long way or via git? (hint: git is better ... but works best if that is how the original Moodle was installed).

Typically, on CentOS servers, document root is defined by httpd.conf found in /etc/httpd/conf/ as /var/www/html/  I see the error reports /var/www/moodle/web/  So the 'web' directory looks to be where the moodle code resides (there a config.php file in there?) ... where is moodledata?

Sound like you have ssh access so a few commands to help (as root user):

fgrep DocumentRoot /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

typical CentOS will show:

    DocumentRoot /var/www/html


fgrep '$CFG->wwwroot' /var/www/moodle/web/config.php

Assuming web folder is now your moodle code directory.

Do same fgrep command for '$CFG->dataroot'

To be honest, one will have greater community support if one doesn't use x installer ... and you are aware of that.  To get support for your installation, each time you report a problem, you'll have include the information about your 'different' system.  Fail to do that and all kinds of 'guesses' will be wrong ... kinda like my 'suggested commands'.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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