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Gaining User Statistics - Version 2.4

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Gaining User Statistics - Version 2.4

Hi all,

We are currently nearing the end of our trial so I am trying to gain some statistics of all user activity (e.g. which students have logged in the most,  what is the most viewed course page etc.) for a Moodle Review meeting. From other posts, I have seen a stats block being mentioned, but do not seem to have that option available on our blocks list. 

I wondered if there were any reports I could generate and then export, or if I could generate some graphs or charts with some information of what has been used the most by our students.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Gaining User Statistics - Version 2.4

You have several reports available that we actually use as a base starting point for attendance for our online courses,

From within the course, under main navigation tree, click on the "Reports" section .

Another Option is the Site Reports under Main navigation > Reports > Logs and Statistics . For the reports you can choose "Download as Excel" within the filters instead of displaying on page.


On a side note, if you want graphs you would want to use the statistics report. For the Statistics to work you must have the stat processing run during cron. Main navigation > Server > Statistics , set to the same time as cron run time



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Re: Gaining User Statistics - Version 2.4

Several modules are more practical:

  • Attendance Register
  • Auto Attendance
  • block Use_stats
  • Checklist
  • My stats block
  • block Progress

A check, however, depending on the version of your Moodle (2.4 here)


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