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Captivate SCORM will not close in internal window

We have created a Captivate course that loads and works great in a New Window.  The newly open activity widow closes when the module ends just as it is supposed to.  I prefer to use a new window, however, we are having problems with some computers apparently seeing the new window as a popup.  I have tried running the module in the Moodle course window but it will not close the module automatically when it is finished and with this version of Moodle (latest) I don't even see the Close Activity link like I used to in previous versions of Moodle. How can I get the Captivate activity close automatically close when the activity is completed? 

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Re: Captivate SCORM

Hello Jim,

I'm trying to create several chapters and quizzes in Moodle through Captivate 7. I wanted to know if you know how to configure the grade book to average all of the grades to the SCORM to give you a cumulative grade over all chapters. 

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