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Database Conenction failed

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Re: Now looks more of a Server problem than Moodle one.
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Sorry to dis-agree in this case ... not a moot point IF the op is now trying to install manually.  Customer would have to know those when doing the web based portion of the installation - or be able to look them up while doing the install.

As far as prefixes are concerned ... isn't it possible to use one DB for multiple moodles (even of different versions) IF one uses a different table prefix for each installation?  Personally, wouldn't do it, but it could be done.  Maybe some hosting providers do - dunno that for a fact and am not saying LunarPages does, however, offering $cheapo per month must mean the provider has found some ways to reduce their cost.

Prefix for the DB name more of an aid to user as well as tech support on a shared DB system.

This is why I suggested yet another install via their script ... then inspect the config.php file to see what the script inserted.  Next time op wants to manually create another Moodle site, the particulars for the specific provider are known and the op can adjust.

'spirit of sharing', Ken


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