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Broken Image's(Version 2.4.1+)


Not sure if this lives here so feel free to move it. Our Moodle site is having issues with images and how they display. Images we have uploaded into courses, quizzes etc in the past have started to drop off and as a result they display as a broken iamge, i.e image frame with the red X at the top left.

I've searched around a fair amount and haven't found anything overly useful or relevant to our issue. Aside from that we've upgraded to the latest version of moodle and played around with permissions etc.

Can anyone think of anything helpful?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Broken Image's(Version 2.4.1+)
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What operating system?

What database engine?

What web server?

Try turning off the Slash Arguments option under HTTP in Site Admin.

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Re: Broken Image's(Version 2.4.1+)

OS: Windows Server 2008

DB: SQL Express 2008

Webserver: IIS 6


Yeah that was one of the things I turned off during initial troubleshooting online etc

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