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Integration round 2013-06-14 - Welcome new 2.6 features

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Integration round 2013-06-14 - Welcome new 2.6 features
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Cold numbers:

62 issues have been successfully integrated with 18 rejected and 5 delayed. That is 78% success


The on-sync period is over and this is the first week we started integrating new and exciting features for 2.6. It explains the big number of issues but also explains the bigger number of rejects - there is much more code in new features than in bug fixes and much more difficult to break through integrators' reviews.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-39824 - Simplification of themes
  • MDL-28558 - Make requirement of country and city profile fields optional
  • MDL-37459MDL-37621 - Allow "locked" and "advanced" checkboxes to be added to any admin setting, use them in Assignment module
  • MDL-37968 - Dim the hidden courses In Course overview block

Warm thanks:

Cheers, Marina

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