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Individual Learning Plans - Assigning activities to Students individually

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Individual Learning Plans - Assigning activities to Students individually
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There is a intensive discussion about inclusion in German schools in all German countries.  The concepts concentrates on individual learning plan in a way that teacher assign activities and resources to small groups and single students. The concept is different to the ILP block.

That means that thee are several groups in a class and often some activities are assigned to one or two students only.

Moodle offers such functionality with groups, groupings and exclusive settings for groupings on activity/resource level. This works well technically. If we think about a one year term, a class with 25 students its no fun to try to handle this with Moodle features and processes.

We are looking for ideas how to make this much easier for teachers.

Here are some first ideas:

  • The teacher can select on activity level with a new icon in edit mode students from his course that should get access to this activity. The student sees a separate icon that this activity is selected for him/her.
  • The teacher gets a new link in settings block with a table listing all activities and students and can select the students that should do some special activities.  Students will see only activities that are marked for them. Same should be done for groups.

We would like to see if other  regions are also interested in such features and what additional requirements are.



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