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Urgent help :more then one record.

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Urgent help :more then one record.
I am using moodle 2.4.4
on adding any topic to course or activty to a topic i get an error below.
Although after going back i can see the topic has been added but that is not the case with activity .. Activity doesnt add.
Please help me guys. i had just updated a live running moodle.
Debug info: 
Error code: morethanonerecordinfetch
Stack trace:
  • line 476 of /lib/setuplib.php: moodle_exception thrown
  • line 163 of /lib/grade/grade_object.php: call to print_error()
  • line 191 of /lib/grade/grade_category.php: call to grade_object::fetch_helper()
  • line 1488 of /lib/grade/grade_category.php: call to grade_category::fetch()
  • line 389 of /lib/grade/grade_item.php: call to grade_category::fetch_course_category()
  • line 128 of /lib/gradelib.php: call to grade_item->insert()
  • line 692 of /mod/scorm/lib.php: call to grade_update()
  • line 159 of /mod/scorm/lib.php: call to scorm_grade_item_update()
  • line 449 of /course/modedit.php: call to scorm_add_instance()
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Re: Urgent help :more then one record.
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How about trying a forum search for morethanonerecordinfetch or even a search (which also searches the tracker and documentation) as most likely you're not the only one to have encountered this error and it's likely someone has posted an explanation.

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Re: Urgent help :more then one record.

I am having the same issue, also running Moodle 2.4.4.  I have an external script that imports courses into moodle by essentially copying an existing course and all of its settings/assignments/etc.  All is well until I edit a quiz. After that, any graded activity (assignment, quiz) throws the error "more than one record in fetch()".  Prior to the edit, there is a single record in the grade_items table with the itemtype = 'course' and the iteminstance = the course ID.  When the quiz is updated, the following happens: the grade_item course (itemtype="course") record is duplicated but the itemtype is set to "category", and any grade_item category (itemtype="category") records are duplicated, but the itemtype is set to "course".  


I have done searches on the error, of course, but it looks like this item was deemed "resolved" in 2012 (with an update I can't link to because I'm a new forum user).  Something must have happened in the interim that is causing this error to recur now.

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