Weighted Grades

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Weighted Grades

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to find the weight assigned to a particular grade? I'm trying to display a report with list of grades and their aggregations but struggling to locate the table/fields in moodle database.

It will look like this

Student Name Course Assessment Grade Aggregation Weight
aaa Course A Assessment 1 23/25 Mean of Grades 20%
aaa Course A Assessment 2 18/25 Mean of Grades 25%

Thank you!

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Re: Weighted Grades
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If it is contained in a category with an aggregation type of Weighted mean of grades it is:

100 divided by the sum of all the grade_item.aggregationcoef values for items contained in the same category divided by the grade_item.aggregationcoef for the item 

If it is contained in a category whose aggregation type is not Weighted mean of grades it is

the containing category's grade_item.grademax divided by the sum of the grade_item.grademax for all items contained times the grademax for the item

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Re: Weighted Grades

Thanks for your help Bob. I have managed to work out the numbers using values in grade_grades and grade_items tables