Columns become overridden in 2.4

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Columns become overridden in 2.4


We are running 2.4 and have experienced many courses where the grade item and/or the course total will become overridden and grades are no longer added.  Has anyone else experienced this?  We found a way from another post on how to uncheck the overridden box so the grades flow through.  What we would like to know is what causes this to happen.  Anyone have any thoughts?


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회신: Columns become overridden in 2.4


Occasionally grade item or category total, course total data have been overridden while Gradebook data is being edited.

We have no idea what makes this kind of things happen so often?
It make us so uncomfortable to modify every grade table data manually.
Is there any way to recover data to original ones?

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Re: 회신: Columns become overridden in 2.4
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This was a bug that I believe was resolved in a later version of 2.4.  You can always use a script on the database to uncheck the override on all grades at once.

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Re: Columns become overridden in 2.4

Refer to this for a solution on preventing this to happen.  Haven't done it yet, but it would be something I'm thinking of trying!  It happened in 2.3 version as well...