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Multiple Instructor Grading Assignments 1.9

Hi Moodlers,

I am using version 1.9 and we want multiple instructors to be able to grade assignments. We want to know if it is possible to have the students final score to be the average of the 3 instructors grades.

This might be out of scope for 1.9, but does anyone know if it's possible in 2.x or if there is a plugin? 

I found this thread from earlier discussion but there was never a solution.


Any help will be great.


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Re: Multiple Instructor Grading Assignments 1.9

I've also found this thread about multiple markers but it is for 2.x

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Re: Multiple Instructor Grading Assignments 1.9
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Only thing that comes to mind is to create four grade items for each item.  Three for the teachers to each mark and the fourth (which is the only one visible to the students) a calculation of the average (which is a function that the grade calcs can use).  This would work for both 1.9 and 2.x