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Hi Martin,

Many thanks for your response. 'Advanced forums' functionality seems to add a nice set of additional functions. But I was quite excited by the content of:http://docs.moodle.org/dev/Forum The idea of being able to; label posts under pre-defined categories, use them anywhere etc.. would be great on many fronts.

Regarding our 'read it later' spec we've got some more detailed documentation and will be meeting with our developers next week but as a brief overview please see below:


  • To develop something that is really easy to use
  • Not alter core-code
  • Not be too tied to forums, so that it could be added to other areas of moodle.
  • be a temporary 'working area' for storing interesting bits, not as a personal library for posts.

Bookmarking a post

Next to posts is an icon that the user clicks on, when clicked a pop-up shows allowing the user to; add a due-date and set colour to post. When added the icon reflects that the post has been bookmarked.

Removing a bookmarked post (in situ)

User clicks on icon next to post. a pop-up then allows the user to remove the post from their reading list.

Managing List

Users can get to this interface from any moodle page (there will be a link in the menu bar).

It allows for filtering and searching of list by; text search, colour, who posted (faculty or group).

From here users can click to view a preview of the posts (detailed below)

Preview post

A 'light box' prevew of the post from which the user can:

  • 'View in context' - this will take the user to the forum
  • Edit & remove from list (by using the icon next to the post, as above)


Any Feedback would be greatly appreciated, as mentioned in my previous post would be really good to know or develop a roadmap for the forum tool - am happy to help if I can.








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Re: Moodle Forums......
Core developers

Looks pretty nice. With advanced forums we coded it up such that multiple flag types could be added. it works much like how you have it only without the date overlay. The major miss is no display of those bookmarking types.

I think this spec would be a huge enhancement.

Are there any communications or alerts around the due dates? I am nto seeing how that fits in the system. It isn't part of my reading list.  It would be good if that date was part of my reading list and was sortable. It would also be good if the my reading list was expandable so that a user could read the post inline and remove it from the list. This would quickly allow them to resolve the reading list.

Other ideas would be a way to auto populate a reading list. So at the forum or discussion level set a auto add new posts to my reading list similar to subscriptions.

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