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Add Editor to moodle form [2.4]

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Add Editor to moodle form [2.4]


I'm trying to add an editor to my form (certificate settings form) in moodle 2.4. (there is an intro editor but I want another one.)

I tried many examples I saw here in moodle site but non of them worked for me.

why this one doesn't work???

$mform->addElement('editor', 'textfieldName', get_string('textfieldName', 'certificate'));

when I use the simple examples shown here in moodle site I'm getting an error.

and the other options looks like a big mass. with lots of possibilities of function calls and it is not clear which is the right to call and when.

Is that really so complicated to add an tiny mce editor to my form?

I really need your help here.

Thank you,


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