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Moodle mobile and labels

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Re: Moodle mobile and labels
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Cheers Dave.  Yeah I tried it and your correct - It displays them but strips out all formating and images.  What it doesn't do though is display the section summary unfortunatly.

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Re: Moodle mobile and labels
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There is a bug open regarding this issue:

The Moodle side has been resolved for 2.4.4 (and 2.5 and onwards) so it will work fine for 1.3 (that will be released in June) once I fix the Mobile app side.

PS: When I talk about "Moodle" or "Mobile app" sides, you must understand that the Mobile app is a WebService client so some bugs can come from Moodle and anothers from the app itself


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Re: Moodle mobile and labels
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Thanks Juan. Your sides terminology makes sense, will keep future postings as clear as I can (I had to explain to a sales rep that he was mis-describing a component in web land the other week).

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