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Installation, domain and server

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Installation, domain and server


I have my web site in a hosting company,  but i want my moodle to run in my own server a (phisical one)  I already created a subdomain in my hosting company control panel. How will mi moodle recognize and use this subdomain? What should I do now?


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Re: Installation, domain and server


mmmhh... Not sure what you want?  If you have a physical server for hosting Moodle, it will have nothing to do with your hosting company. A sub-domain would still be on THEIR servers and NOT YOUR server.

If you want to host a Moodle Server yourself you will need:

1) A fast internet connection with a fixed IP address.

2) A registered domain name for the above IP address.

3) Server software properly configured - e.g. Linux with Apache, MYSQL, PHP etc

4) Time to check that no one attacks or hacks your server.

Unless you have a lot of technical knowledge, it's probably not a good idea. However if you know Linux well, it is not so difficult.

Hope that helps


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Re: Installation, domain and server
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What's the point of creating the subdomain on the web host control panel if you're moving Moodle onto your own server?

To run Moodle on your own server you need to:

  • Move the Moodle database from the webhost onto your server.
  • Move the Moodle code from the webhost onto your server.
  • Create a Moodle site on your server (in Apache or IIS).
  • Update your moodle config.php file with the details of the new server.
  • Do the required DNS changes to point your Moodle domain name from the IP of the web hosting company to the IP of your own server.
  • Make sure the right firewall and security requirements are in place.
  • Test.

See the Moodle_migration documentation in Moodledocs

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